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We will ensure your place is safe while looking great! We are proud suppliers of Prowler Proof and Commandex security doors and window screens. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, we have a product for you.

When you choose Landsborough Security and Screens to take care of your home security needs, you will have confidence in knowing you’re creating a safe place for your family, without compromising on the look and feel of your home. We offer diamond security, stainless steel mesh security and various other options to meet all budget and aesthetic needs.

ForceField security doors and window screens are welded instead of being held together by screws or rivets. A weld is stronger than any screw or rivet…and it looks better too. With its seamless corners, ForceField is the best-looking security screen on the market. The heavy-duty aluminium frame and the genuine Meshtec marine grade stainless steel mesh are joined together in a mechanical and chemical bond. It is virtually unbreakable and provides complete insulation of the two metals…eliminating a major cause of corrosion. ForceField has passed every imaginable test – and a few you would never imagine.

Mesh: Stainless Steel

Wire: High Tensile

Alloy: 316 Marine Grade

Mpa: 860–940 Mpa

Strands: 11 x 10.5 per 25mm2

Diameter: 0.8mm

Aperture: 1.62mm

Open Area: 42.5%

Colour: Black Low Sheen

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Diamond designs have been tested and passed the Australian Standard for security AS5039. Doors require a triple lock to be fully covered, but a single lock will be useful to keep the pets and children on the right side of the door. Frames come in a variety of colours, and grille inserts can be black (easier to see past) or colour matched to frame. Gauze can be customized to have standard fiberglass mesh, pet mesh, midge mesh, fire rated alloy mesh and more.

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Built in our hi-tech factory as an all-aluminium design with Prowler Proof’s famous welded, seamless corners. The mesh is a single aluminium sheet, perforated and powder coated to the high standards you’d expect from Prowler Proof.

The perforations are exactly the right size – small enough to keep insects out, big enough to allow excellent airflow and transparency.


The mesh is joined to the heavy duty aluminium frame in a process unique to Prowler Proof. Protec security screens are strong and good looking. The frame comes in over 300 colours to suit the black mesh, and the mesh is finished with a wear resistant textured Teflon powder coat, so it’s as durable as they come and easy to clean.

Mesh: 1.7mm thick aluminium

Viewing Angle: 135 degrees

Aperture: 2.0mm

Open Area: 40%

Colour: Black Low Sheen

Mesh Finish: Textured Teflon powder

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Guardian® fall prevention screens create safe places for windows at height. Certain windows greater than 2.0m from the outside ground level need to meet the National Construction Code (NCC) fall prevention requirements, by using a restricted opening device, or if you want to use the full extent of your windows an approved screen, such as Guardian is essential.

Guardian® mesh is bonded into a fully welded, heavy duty aluminium frame. Because Guardian® features stainless steel mesh, it’s low maintenance, and strong enough to stand up to the rigours of children and pets.

Its appearance is perfectly matched to our ForceField® security screens for the ultimate in full home protection.

Mesh: Stainless Steel

Wire: High Tensile

Alloy: 304 Architectural Grade

Strands: 12 x 12 per 25mm2

Diameter: 0.6mm

Aperture: 1.3mm

Open Area: 44.8%

Colour: Black Low Sheen

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Insect screen doors are designed to keep small intruders out. The standard gauze is high quality, long lasting fibreglass but you can take it even further with various mesh options. We can do these inhouse, or for stronger framing we can get them in a welded frame from Prowler Proof.

Insect Screen Windows: We offer professionally made fly screens from our in house workshop for windows, keeping costs low and business local. Various mesh options available for our in house insect screens.

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Prowler Proof security doors and security window screens are the only security screens in Australia with sleek welded corners, and when partnered with our unique Hidden Installation Technology (H.I.T.), you get not only the strongest performing, but also the best looking security screens available.

All Prowler Proof security screens are manufactured in our audited, fully automated world class factory, delivered to you in the industry’s shortest lead time, and backed by Australia’s only 10 year full replacement warranty.

When you choose Prowler Proof security screens, you know you’ve made the right choice in ‘creating a safer place’ for your family.

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We cater to all budgets and requirements and understand that each customer has individual needs. With this in mind we also offer riveted security screens, including stainless steel (similar to Forcefield) that passes all security testing of its grade but has different frame extrusions and different hardware componentry.


SaltWaterSeries security doors and windows are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel woven mesh, specifically powder coated for harsh conditions. The mesh is chosen for its superb strength, durability and corrosion resistance, and is far superior to the 304 steel mesh on the market.

SaltWaterSeries is designed for optimum performance and durability in extreme environments including:

  • Coastal areas within 500m from the coastline or up to 2 km for properties located on an escarpment, where prevailing wind will carry salt air
  • Iron rich red dust prone areas
  • Heavy industrial areas

SaltWaterSeries security screen windows and doors are manufactured using a patented fixing method to fix the mesh to an extruded aluminium frame. A patented tensioning tool also enables our screens to be custom built for most large openings without mid rails.

These security screens offer a wide range of features to meet Australian Standards AS5039-2008, with additional testing to ensure it continues to protect homes in cyclone, fire and corrosion prone areas. With a thin, impenetrable mesh, SaltWaterSeries gives you ultimate security, clear unobstructed views, without compromising on the aesthetics of your build.


BasiX safety screens are an attractive and cost effective entry point into the woven stainless mesh screen range.

BasiX safety doors and window safety screens are made from a strong .7mm 316 Marine Grade stainless steel safety mesh infill. BasiX provides a great value option to deter intruders while keeping out the tiniest creatures, including most sand flies.


Xceed security screen doors and windows are made from an extremely durable perforated aluminium sheet and extruded aluminium frame using a patented fixing method. The result will exceed your expectations.

These perforated aluminium security screens are a great cost effective alternative to woven mesh security screens. They offer a wide range of features to meet Australian Standards, has the corrosion resistant properties of aluminium, and act as a sun shade to reduce heat.

Due to its structural grade alloy, the Xceed perforated aluminium is thinner and stronger than the commonly used architectural grade aluminium. As a result, Xceed security screens deliver greater see-through visibility.



CommandeX is a leading wholesale provider of security screen systems and complimentary

products. Proudly 100% Australian owned, we supply to over 200 dealers across Australia, who are all committed to providing quality products and service.

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